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Housekeeping is rather popular service in Michigan today. You are definitely interested why? Because nowadays people want to discover more, to improve themselves and to move up the career ladder. For all those purposes they need to have some free time. That’s why they need to have their houses and apartments cleaned for them.
Our company provides such services as different kinds of housekeeping. We try to meet each your requirement. We try to fit your timetable and your requests.
Our company is known in housekeeping industry because we improve our work permanently. To clean your house we use modern techniques which not only make your house clean but are also safe for you and your family.
Housekeeping services include not only cleaning your house once a week but spring cleaning, move-in and move-out cleaning (which is rather popular, as while the move-in move-out period people don’t have spare time to do the cleaning). You have to know also that regular cleaning is begun when your house had gone through deep cleaning already. This means mopping and sanitizing every detail from top to bottom.


Iam looking for a position as a housekeeper in Oakland and Macomb counties (part or full time).


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House cleaning


You should know that our staff does its best to make your house sparkling, but every housewife has to clean her house also. No matter how good we try, we can’t make your house look good for the whole week. Especially if the house belongs to a big family. That’s why you have to remember: it’s very important to do the basic daily care to maintain the perfect house condition our workers create.
Here are some simple and useful tips: dust every surface you see with a wet duster when you have spare minute and don’t really know how to spend it. Such work isn’t difficult and is even enjoyable as you take care of your own place.
Keep a small duster everywhere in a house. In that way you’ll easily move away the dust which accumulates all the time. Use special liquids which prevent the accumulating of the dust on the surfaces.
And always remember that cleanness of your house – it’s yours and your family’s health.

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